My family


I live my life together with Marietta and have been doing so for more than 15 years. She is the very foundation of my life and without her I would be a lost soul. Luckily for me, in December 2007, she said yes to formerly marry me. This  event took place on the 08.08.08! (and even I should be able to remember that date...) and pictures from the event are to be found in my blog.

Marietta and I do not have any children together, but with my ex-wife I have two children: Line (born 1975) and Mats (born 1977).

Line has pursued an academic career, and defended her PhD thesis in molecular microbiology on Sept 7, 2007, presenting her contribution to the improvement of treatments of leukemia. I understand nothing whatsoever of the things she is writing, but I am truly proud that she is using her intellectual capabilities to give more hope to cancer patients. Line is married to Torbjørn, an engineer working for StatoilHydro with offshore responsibilities.  In June 2005, Line gave birth to Mathea, and then again in September 2010 to Oscar, and they are truly the sunshines of our lives. In the top right menu, called EVENTS, you can find pictures of events with this part of my family who lives a little too far away (to my taste) on Askøy outside Bergen, Norway.

Mats is very good with people, and has thus pursued a career in the restaurant business as a waiter. He lives in Copenhagen in our house and has opened a new restaurant in our building, Krebsegaarden Mad & Kunst, together with Marietta and Carsten Korsnes, a friend from Bergen who is an excellent cook. The restaurant has only been in business since November 2007, but is a great success already. Yet another reason to be proud! Mats lives alone, but is currently having a new girlfriend. Mats and Carsten are  keen supporters of the No. 1 football team in town- FCK.

The closest family is, therefore, doing quite nicely, and I am utterly content. If you are interested in family history, I can recommend Line and Thorbjørn’s home page.


The closest family