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My professional life has been mostly devoted to teaching and research within the field of shipping economics. For more than 30 years I was working at business schools with this topic; mainly in Bergen and in Copenhagen. I have teaching experiences from many other countries, notably Sweden, Poland, Italy, France, Thailand. Japan and China.

I have now left the university sector and work as an independent consultant in my own company TWC (Tor Wergeland Consult). I also work as a Principal Advisor to MARINTEK in Trondheim

My professional life is summarized in my  CV including a list of publications.



TWC (Tor Wergeland Consult)

Studiestræde 17, 3.

1455 Copenhagen K


Phone: +4529258735


Skype: torwer

former positions

Associate professor at:

NHH - The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, Norway


Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark


favourite quotes

He who loves practice without theory is like a sailor without rudder and compass; never knowing where to be cast

(Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519)

You shall never bother others,

You shall be both fair and kind.

And whatever else you do, I shall not mind.

The original (in Norwegian):

Man  skal ikke plage andre,

man skal være grei og snill,

og for øvrig kan man gjøre som man vil

Kardemommeloven, from Thorbjørn Egner’s: “Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by”, 1955


Shipping economics is my speciality

Main services of TWC:


Design of education programs with a maritime profile

Short courses in shipping

Supervision of thesis writing

Teaching MBA modules

Management game - Tankersim - training decision-making in bulk shipping under uncertainty


Market- and industry analysis

Scenario generation

Most aspects of shipping economics